School Publications

"Flaming Scribbler" School Newspaper
"The newspaper was student produced (by any and all volunteers in the 7/8 classes), supervised by Jack Tait.  They had some school content, but were only sold to the intermediate division (from a table set up in Jack's doorway beside the water fountain, if I recall correctly)." - Jason Morrow

"Flames Flash" School Newspaper
These newspapers were published during the 1989 - 1990 school year by a team of 23 grade 7 and 8 students, led by David Boardman.  It was sold generally to anyone interested and sponsored by the school, the Ontario Public School Teachers Federation and North Star Computers of Sudbury.  It commented on school news but also dealt with a wide variety of local, national and international issues, some quite controversial.   

The Staff

"A B Ellis Times" School Newspaper
The A B Ellis Times newspaper was also produced by a staff drawn from grades 7 and 8, and led by David Boardman, but its focus was almost exclusively school based.  As such it is a good record of events at the school in 1991 - 1992.  With school support and encouragement from the school board, it was published weekly and distributed free of charge to every student.



Other Documents