Since 1919 a school building has occupied the plot of land between Centre Street and Spruce Street and south of Park Street in the town of Espanola.  The first building was designed to accommodate both Elementry and High School students.  In time the High School moved into new premises nearby and the original building was expanded twice to address the growing enrollment in the elementary school.  By the 1970s what was then the Espanola Public School had an enrollment of over 600.  Following the retirement in 1978 of the long serving principal Andrew Ellis, the school was renamed in his honour.  By 2016 the enrollment had fallen by about two thirds and a decision was made to move the school across the street into part of the high school.  Six years later, despite appeals from community groups for the building to be repurposed, the decision was taken to demolish the building and use the land for a parking lot and a green space

The purpose of this website is to celebrate the 97 years of education in this building and acknowledge those who worked and studied there during that time.  We hope to make this a digital archive of images and memories but to do that we need the assistance of those for whom this school was part of their lives.  We invite anyone who is willing to share their memories or their photographs to use the contact link to contribute them for the site.